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Types And Benefits Of Sports Mouthguards

Posted on 11/7/2022 by Evan
Types And Benefits Of Sports MouthguardsSports-related injuries are a common occurrence. They can be caused through contact or non-contact sports activities. However, the risk of damage to the mouth during sports activity is reduced 60 times by using mouthguards. This is consistent with numerous studies that have shown reductions in orofacial injuries with the use of mouthguards.

What are Mouthguards?

Mouthguards are also known as mouth protectors. They are devices that are used to protect the gums, teeth, and soft tissue of the mouth from orofacial injuries which are common in sports-related activities. Mouthguards vary in comfort, cost, adaptability, teeth contact, and safety level. There are three types which are:

Custom fitted Mouthguards

Custom-fitting mouthguards are fully customized to the individual. They provide a perfect fit with safety and adaptability as well as comfort and protection. However, they are an expensive option and require dental visits for fitting and customization. Dentists recommend these pieces over other types because of their comfort and effectiveness.  

Stock Mouthguards

Stock mouth protectors often sold in sports goods stores are one-size-fits-all devices. They require the mouth to remain closed and need recurrent repositioning during sporting activities. They are the cheapest option of the three and don't offer a high level of comfort or protection as well.

Boil-and-bite Mouthguards

Boil-and-bite mouth protectors are the perfect intermediary between stock mouthguards and custom-made mouthguards in terms of functionality and cost. They are named after the process to mold them, which involves boiling and biting into them. They are placed in hot water first and are then adapted into the wearer's mouth. The biting pressure from the teeth and manipulation with the fingers and tongue helps in fitting the mouthguards.

Benefits of Mouthguards

Many benefits come with wearing mouthguards and they include preventing serious dental injuries, like broken and knocked out teeth, jaw injuries, and serious injury to the soft tissue of the lips, tongue, and cheeks. Kindly visit us for further information and queries on how to safeguard yourself from orofacial injuries.

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