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FAQs About Denture Repair

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Evan
FAQs About Denture RepairDentures are nylon or plastic frames upon which artificial teeth are fixed. They are an affordable and efficient way to replace missing teeth. If properly taken care of, dentures usually last between five to ten years. However, it is not rare to find that some break or get damaged within that period. In most cases, dentures can be repaired and still be useable within their lifetime. Here are answers to common FAQs about denture repairs.

Why Do Dentures Need Repair

Dentures can be misaligned due to pressure caused by chewing and grinding food. This weakens the dentures causing them not to achieve a snug fit as they were intended to. The intermittent dropping of dentures can also lead to weak dentures that need repair.

Can Patients Perform Small Denture Repairs by Themselves

The average people often lean towards DIY solutions rather than seeking professional services. DIY does not apply in the medical niche, certainly not to oral health. Denture repairs, small as they may be, are not to be done by unqualified professionals. You may further damage your denture.

Can All Denture Problems Be Repaired?

The repairability of dentures depends entirely on the extent of the damage. Not all denture issues can be fixed. Mild cracks can be fixed by a qualified dental professional. Conversely, dentures that are broken or warped cannot be repaired. Hence, you will need a replacement instead.

Will Dentures Last a Lifetime if they are Properly taken care of?

The simple answer is no. Dentures, due to their construction, last between five to ten years. If repairs are not necessary within their lifetime, they may still need to be realigned.

Where are Dentures Repaired?

You can have your denture repaired in labs which can mostly be found in dental clinics equipped with repair machines. If your dentures need to be repaired, contact our office today to see if we can restore them or provide a replacement.

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