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How Does Orthognathic Surgery Work?

Posted on 12/5/2022 by Evan
How Does Orthognathic Surgery Work?At the outset, a patient is treated by an orthodontist or another specialist who then refers them to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. One or more pre-op appointments with the patient are likely to take place. The referring dentist or doctor will send the orthognathic surgeon models and other relevant data to evaluate. Models, measurements, X-rays, and other diagnostic equipment will all be used in the thorough evaluation performed by the surgeon's team.

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon will use cutting-edge imaging technologies to give patients a clear idea of what to expect regarding post-operative bite and cosmetic changes.

The surgeon will use imaging and software to show the patient what will happen during their consultation. They will make sure the patient is well informed, and at ease by responding to any questions, they may have concerning the surgery, its schedule, any necessary follow-ups, or its aftercare.

Is Orthognathic Surgery Painful?

Most commonly, general anesthesia is used during hospital-based orthognathic procedures. Operations typically last between two and five hours. Although the dangers associated with orthognathic surgery are minimal, your surgeon will review them with you.

The patient's discomfort will be effectively treated, and they will get attentive care during their stay in the hospital and afterward. There will be follow-up visits with the orthognathic surgeon after they are discharged from the hospital to make sure everything is healing correctly. It is highly unlikely that you will have any visible scarring on your face or chin after surgery, as most incisions are made through the mouth.

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