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Do This to Save a Knocked-Out Tooth

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Evan
Do This to Save a Knocked-Out ToothThere are more than 5 million teeth knocked out every year in children and adults. Knocked-out teeth are referred to as "avulsed teeth" by dentists. If a tooth is lost due to an accident or injury, it does not necessarily mean that it has been lost forever. When the right actions are taken and emergency care is received, the tooth can be saved and replanted successfully, ensuring its longevity for years to come. How should a tooth be handled if it has been knocked out, and how can it be salvaged?

What to Do After Your Tooth is Knocked Out

A tooth that has been knocked out can cause damage to the supporting tissues, blood vessels, and nerves, as well. There is no way to repair the blood vessels and nerves of an avulsed tooth, which is why root canal treatment is required. However, once the tooth is reinserted, the bone can reattach to the root of the tooth. The chances of saving a tooth are higher in young children, but it is possible to save adult teeth as well. When a tooth is knocked out, it is imperative to seek dental care as soon as possible. It is also important to avoid further harming the tooth.

Make sure that you keep the tooth moist. Drop it in milk, if possible, or place the tooth between the cheek and the gum. Often, young children cannot safely "store" teeth without swallowing them. Use a cup for spitting. Put the tooth in the cup with saliva. Place the tooth in water if nothing else is available. Keeping the tooth moist is essential.

What a Dentist Will Do

Replacing a tooth can be simple. Sometimes it is complicated, like when a tooth or bone is broken. The dentist will use water to flush the tooth's socket. Then, they will put the tooth back into its correct place. Contact us if you have had a recent tooth injury and need immediate attention.
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