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How You Can Help Your Child With Teething Discomfort

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Evan
How You Can Help Your Child With Teething DiscomfortThe teething process varies between babies. However, your child should start teething when they turn six months. The two bottom front teeth are usually the first pair to appear. Later, the two upper central incisors follow in a similar fashion.

Signs of teething you may see your child exhibit include sore or tender gums, slight temperature increase, irritability, excessive drooling, and chewing of objects. You should understand ways of soothing sore gums for your child to ensure they reduce the crankiness and drooling ordeal. Here are some ways you can help your kid with their teething discomfort.

Rubbing Your Child's Sore Gums

If your child feels a form of discomfort while teething, ensure you rub your baby's gums gently. You always use a clean finger or a wet cloth to rub your child's gums. The pressure you apply to their gums reduces the level of discomfort they are facing.

Keeping The Teeth Area Cool

You can ensure the gum area of your child remains cool using a chilled spoon. Besides, a teething ring can offer a soothing feeling to your baby's gums. However, to avoid cases of cavities ensure you do not dip your spoon in sugary substances.

Over-The-Counter Remedy

At times your baby may decide to remain cranky and not respond to other soothing methods to ensure you can acquire over-the-counter pain medicine. Such pain medications that are healthy for your kid include acetaminophen.

However, you should avoid using homeopathic teething tablets. Some of these tablets may cause seizures as side effects or your kid may have difficulty breathing. Teething anklets and braces are also prohibited because they may choke your child or cause mouth injury and infections.

Normally, you can handle most teething discomforts at home. However, feel free to contact our offices if you have any inquiries about ways you can use to help your child with teething discomfort.

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