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Dental Cleaning
Arlington, TX

Woman with white teeth getting a dental cleaning at Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington, TXDental exams begin with the growth of our first teeth and continue for every year to come. An appointment with a dentist regularly ensures the longevity of our teeth and gums. Scheduled cleanings are recommended by our team at Rush Creek Dentistry every six months in order to maintain proper dental health.

Biannual maintenance through cleanings will keep your teeth clean and your gums healthy. Additionally, cleanings are an extremely important part of preventative dentistry. Preventative dentistry keeps unwanted problems from damaging your dental health. Prioritize your teeth and your future by scheduling another cleaning six months ahead of your last appointment. Allow our dentistry to perform the best care for you.

What to Expect

A dental cleaning is a simple procedure usually performed by a dental hygienist. The only preparation required is making sure to schedule appointments within six-month intervals. During a cleaning, our dentists will remove plaque. Hardened plaque can only be removed by a dental professional. Excessive amounts of plaque cause bad breath and cavities. Flossing results in less plaque, and is important home practice.

During a cleaning, plaque will be removed by a dentist using floss and other tools to scrape it off. Deep cleanings are available for patients with excessive plaque buildup but are not required unless advised by your dentist.

Another significant step is the physical examination. During a cleaning dentists will give a thorough physical exam of the patient's mouth. Using a mirror and light enables them to observe every crevice of the patient's mouth for potential concerns. Any tooth or gum decay will be spotted during a cleaning, therefore it is important to receive them often. Dentists will also x-ray patients' jaws once a year as part of the physical exam during a cleaning. A fluoride treatment is applied to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities. For the final step of the cleaning, the teeth are polished with a paste that removes stains and makes them sparkle.

Why Cleanings are Necessary

Cleanings are important because they prevent our patients from losing teeth and money. More time between visits means more potential for problems to be overlooked. Biannual visits to a dentist for cleanings are necessary to ensure proper dental health. Seeing a dentist regularly will stop any unknown issue from growing worse. Problems such as cavities and stains will grow worse if left untreated. Leaving serious issues such as gum disease without treatment for months will result in more dental work. Once a serious problem starts, visits to the dentist will need to occur even more regularly. Receiving care early will intercept further damage and save your teeth. Additionally dental health problems can affect other areas of health. Gum disease can lead to respiratory complications if untreated. Therefore, quality oral care is vital to our health overall.

Schedule Your Next Cleaning

Some patients fear the discomfort of a visit to the dentist. However, the benefits of a thirty to sixty-minute cleaning will save patients from serious dental issues and potentially painful procedures. Avoid aches by scheduling regular cleanings with your dentist. Please schedule your next cleaning with Rush Creek Dentistry by calling 682-277-0535. Let us be your trusted care provider and allow our dental professionals to help you be the most healthy version of yourself.
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Let us be your trusted care provider. Please schedule your next cleaning with Rush Creek Dentistry by calling our office today!
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