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Woman using clear alignerInvisalign is a very popular form of cosmetic dentistry and is something our dentist at Rush Creek Dentistry may recommend over braces. Invisalign can be used to treat misaligned teeth of many forms including teeth with spacing issues, underbites, and overbites. Invisalign offers a virtually invisible treatment for straightening teeth by using a set of clear aligners. Traditional braces use attached to metal and wires to straighten your teeth. This form of treatment is very visible, cannot be removed, and can be hard to maintain. Invisalign’s clear aligners are made of thermoplastic materials that are smooth on the softer tissues of your mouth and fully removable.

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Why Invisalign Treatment?

Not only is Invisalign the most aesthetically pleasing treatment for misaligned teeth, Invisalign is popular for many other reasons. Invisalign offers the fastest treatment for crooked teeth, with weekly aligner changes that help you achieve your desired outcome and perfect your smile faster than ever. Adults may need to wait a bit longer than a week between aligner changes because their teeth will be more set into place past maturity. Invisalign offers the most comfortable treatment for misaligned teeth because the aligners are both smooth and removable.

This means you can enjoy the same functions that your teeth provide normally. Invisalign offers the most convenient treatment for teeth because visits to the dentist are only necessary every six weeks. The only similarity that Invisalign shares with braces is the cost. There are a few ways to pay for your Invisalign treatment including using an insurance provider to help with payments and setting up monthly payment plans with your dental healthcare provider.

How Can I Start Treatment?

The first step in receiving your clear aligners is the initial consultation. During this meeting, you can discuss your smile goals with an orthodontist or dentist. Next, your dentist will use a digital scanning system to create a precise model of your teeth. Then they will be able to map out your individual treatment plan including the exact movement of your teeth and how long your treatment will take.

Each set of aligners will gradually shift your teeth. In order to gently shape your smile, you will wear your Invisalign aligners for twenty to twenty-two hours a day. Only take them out when it is time to eat or when brushing and flossing. With an Invisalign treatment plan, you can have straight teeth between 3 to 9 months. When your Invisalign treatment is complete it is important to maintain your progress by wearing a retainer. Your dentist will recommend that you wear your retainer every night for the first year after treatment. Following that, you should wear your retainer three to five nights a week in order to maintain your perfect smile.

Now Is The Time To Straighten Your Teeth With Invisalign

With Invisalign, there is no better time to quickly achieve the smile that you have always wanted. Our experienced dental professionals at Rush Creek Dentistry are proud to offer Invisalign, the most advanced remedy for misaligned teeth, to our patients. Call us now at 682-277-0535 to discuss your treatment plan, and allow us to be your trusted healthcare provider.
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