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Choosing a dentist for yourself and your family is a lofty decision. You need a person who is gentle and kind with your children, but upfront and respectful to the adults in your family. You need a dentist who makes oral health care prevention and maintenance a priority but who can also help when procedures are needed to restore a tooth or treat gum disease.

Here are a few other items to consider when choosing a dentist:

•  Ask your friends and family for referrals. The internet and the white pages may offer you a lot of choices, but how do you pare through all of the options? Talk to your friends. Find out if they have a family dentist that the children love and the adults respect.
•  Think about convenience. Choosing a dentist for the entire family means that you can schedule checkups and cleanings at the same time for all of you. This eliminates more trips to the dentist and frees up more of your time.
•  Consider location. Is your dentist's office close to your home or the kids' school? While you should be making fewer trips to the office, you don't want it to be out of your way.
•  Find out if the technology and education is up-to-date. The field of dentistry is ever-changing. Find out of the dentist you're considering participates in continuing education and if he embraces new techniques and procedures.
•  Is the entire team friendly and professional? From the moment you walk in the door, you should be treated like a valued client. The person who answers your phone, the person who cleans your teeth and the dentist himself should all greet you warmly and treat you with respect. You should feel comfortable asking questions or raising issues.
•  Ask for testimonials. Perhaps the best way to find out about a potential new dentist is to hear from some of his current patients. Visit the website or ask to see before and after photos.

Whether you've moved recently to the Arlington area or you just want to get your entire family under one dentist's roof, choosing the right oral health care team is an important decision. Dr. Rami Sater of Rush Creek Dentistry has experience working with patients of all ages and he is committed to treating each patient with individual, and gentle, care. Call the office of Rush Creek Dentistry today to schedule a consultation.
Full dental services for the whole family are offered in an atmosphere that's so much fun and so comfortable you may not want to leave. Sounds unbelievable, right? It's not. Not at the Rush Creek Dentistry office in Arlington, TX. From the moment you walk in the door to the time you leave, you'll be treated in the most gentle, least invasive manner possible.

You'll relax in soft, plush chairs, watch television or browse the internet while in the waiting room or the exam room, and be treated to complimentary coffee, tea, and water. There's a play area for children, scented towels, blankets, and video games. However, most importantly, you'll get the dental care you want and deserve.

Dr. Rami Sater offers full-service dentistry for your whole family. From teaching children how to care for their teeth and making them comfortable with the dental experience to helping the adults in family brighten their smile or fix a problem tooth, Dr. Sater approaches each patient with individual care and with his full attention.

Some of the services offered at our office include:

•  Pediatric dentistry: From their first visit to braces, regular checkups, and dental cleanings are an important part of growing up. The initial visits teach children the importance of good oral care while ensuring that any problem areas don't turn into bigger issues. Dr. Sater approaches children in a calm, fun, and gentle manner to ensure that they are comfortable and at ease.
•  Preventative dentistry: Preventing cavities and gum disease isn't just for kids. It's just as important for adults to maintain good oral hygiene that includes proper brushing and flossing every day along with regular checkups and professional cleanings. Dr. Sater would rather prevent problems in your teeth or gums than have you come back for additional work.
•  Restorative dentistry: Even with the best oral care, additional dental treatments are needed sometimes. From filling cavities to treating gum disease to extracting wisdom teeth, Dr. Sater provides a full suite of services to patients. Procedures can be done using local anesthesia or various forms of sedation to ensure that the patient remains comfortable and free from pain.
•  Cosmetic dentistry: Your smile is the first thing people notice about you. Shouldn't yours be the best it can be? Dr. Sater can help make your teeth straighter, whiter, or fill in gaps. Whatever you perceive your needs to be, he can help make your smile something you want to show off.

Call the office of Rush Creek Dentistry today to schedule a consultation.
If you are looking for a dentist who can care for the unique needs of your whole family, you may wish to consider several critical factors:

Is the dental practice conveniently located near me?
Can the practice accommodate all ages with a complete range of dental care?
Is the practice child- and family-friendly?
Is my insurance plan accepted?

Rush Creek Dentistry, located near I-20 and Rt-287 serves families in Arlington, TX, and the surrounding communities of Mansfield, Irving, and Grand Prairie.

We are a family practice offering a full menu of dental care services. Because we understand the hectic lives of our patients, we strive to meet your needs without referring you to multiple specialists. Our skilled and friendly team is trained in a variety of specialties to care for all ages through all stages of life, including:

Family and general dentistry
•  Prevention and treatment of gum disease
•  Annual or twice per year examinations and professional cleaning
•  Oral health/oral cancer screening
•  Root canal
•  Extractions
•  Development of a healthy, lifelong oral hygiene plan
•  Pediatrics
•  Emergency dental care – because accidents happen!

Cosmetic dental treatments
•  Porcelain crowns
•  Six Month Smiles – transform your alignment in four to nine months for a straighter, winning smile
•  Lumineers
•  Veneers
•  KöR professional whitening system
•  Custom smile design

We love children at Rush Creek Dentistry. Our goal is to promote a relaxing and fun environment for our youngest patients. We take the fear and anxiety out of visiting the dentist by maintaining a non-threatening and entertaining space so that children can learn to care for their teeth and enjoy optimal oral health throughout their lives. For our adult patients, we offer spa-like amenities such as a complimentary beverage station, internet access, televisions, and warm blankets to soothe away the stresses of your day.

We participate with the majority of dental health insurance plans. Our staff is ready to assist you with understanding your coverage options. For non-covered procedures, we accept flexible payment plans, major credit cards, and Quality Dental Plan.

We look forward to the opportunity for our family at Rush Creek Dentistry to care for generations of your family. Call us at 682-277-0535 or book your appointment or consultation on line. Our office address is 6401 S. Cooper Street, Arlington, TX 76001.
At Rush Creek Dentistry, one of the goals of our dental care is making sure our patients get the best treatments possible in a comfortable environment at a low cost. While one of our foremost concerns is making sure we keep your smile healthy, we also value the beauty of your smile as much as you do. At our office in Arlington, TX, the dentist will do everything possible to keep the smiles of everyone in your family both healthy and beautiful.

When working with kids, we can provide special care and preventative treatments to make sure their smiles grow in strong and straight. We do this in a fun and comfortable environment so that your kids will enjoy visiting our office for dental care.

For older members of the family, we can continue to provide preventative care and deal with any decay or damage that may happen to teeth over the years. When you simply don’t like the way your smile looks, we offer quite a few options to make your smile look better. Many cosmetic treatments can cover teeth such as veneers and crowns, and other options such as dental implants can replace missing teeth.
North Texas has been growing faster than any area of the country for years. Therefore, it’s not as if you don’t have a choice for your dentist in the Arlington area. Rush Creek Dentistry stands out in a good way due to its consultative approach to your family’s dental needs.

If you haven’t seen us in the past year, you need to! Know you are not alone. For every person who visited offices like ours in 2013, two people never made it to the dentist’s chair. Getting to know us is the first step toward dental health and wellness, and preventing the host of systemic, chronic conditions rooted in dental problems.

Costly concerns

The American Dental Association reports more than half of survey respondents cited inability to afford care as the No. 1 reason for “unmet dental needs.” Lack of insurance coverage was named as another reason those surveyed went without treatment.

At Rush Creek Dentistry, insurance companies don’t drive our treatment plans, but your specific needs do.

We want you to feel better and function again. The sooner we get you on a customized treatment plan, the better. When you get on the right track, it rubs off on the rest of your family.

We also understand how you look plays a big part in how you feel. For this reason, we don’t discriminate against cosmetic procedures. Filling a gap or hole where a tooth used to be is a “must-have” for many and, left untreated, can cause problems like bone loss or teeth shifting.

Payment options to smile about

We offer payment alternatives you may be seeing for the first time. You won’t pay anything for exams, cleanings, X-rays, and even teeth whitening procedures.

We offer substantial discounts on the costliest restorative procedures - from fillings to implants.

We’re confident in the quality of our work. However, accidents happen. Most dental procedures carry a five-year warranty. Should you need a replacement or new option, 100 percent of the treatment’s original value goes back in your pocket. We only ask that you maintain check-ups and cleanings, and follow our team’s recommendations to keep the warranty valid.

Call 682-277-0535 so Rush Creek Dentistry can get you on a plan toward better health and a better smile.
Patients in and around the 76001 community and surrounding areas are often curious to learn about a variety of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures available through Rush Creek Dentistry. Our practice offers a family-friendly location which focuses on using quality materials for comprehensive dental care. When individuals are dealing with breakage of their natural teeth or weakness due to root canal therapy or large filings, they may be advised to consider the placement of dental crowns.

Dental crowns are restorative solutions for teeth that are broken or weakened. They may also be used to cover dental implants and act as false teeth for better function and beauty of the smile. The team of Rush Creek Dentistry can determine if patients will benefit from dental crowns by visiting with individuals during their initial consultation and examination appointment to determine candidacy for these restorations. There is no "one size fits all" solution for dental concerns for every patient, so personalized care for each unique situation is encouraged.

Rush Creek Dentistry fabricated dental crowns from porcelain, a material that is both beautiful and strong. Porcelain can withstand very strong biting and chewing forces which is why it is often used for crowns, veneers, bridges, and other dental restorations. Porcelain is also easy to match with the existing teeth as it has the same texture and overall appearance as natural tooth enamel. This allows restorative work to blend in with the smile and look as natural as possible.

Dental crowns are just one of many restorative solutions available through Rush Creek Dentistry, and if you believe they may be beneficial to your smile, calling our practice for an initial appointment is the best way to determine if they are indeed the way to go. Our dental team works closely with families who are interested in obtaining a beautiful, healthy smile in an affordable manner, while working with a dentist and staff they already know and trust with their smiles. Our practice is also located in a state-of-the-art facility with many amenities including warm blankets in treatment rooms, internet access in the waiting room, a self-serve beverage station, and a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.
When something is wrong with your teeth, you are likely to feel discomfort and even pain as a result. Often this leads people to believe that their dental treatment will also be painful, and many people avoid dental care entirely because they are afraid of experiencing pain at the dentist's office. If you visit a dentist in Arlington, this is not the case at all since dentists at Rush Creek Dentistry offer the best in painless dentistry.

Though most dentists offer some type of pain relief before doing invasive work on your smile, the traditional use of localized anesthesia involves an injection. Since most people who avoid the dentist don't like the idea of pain, it is understandable that even the thought of an injection can make them uneasy. At Rush Creek Dentistry, we offer an alternative: single tooth anesthesia.

Single tooth anesthesia

Single tooth anesthesia is one of the latest advances in painless dentistry. By using the special VibraJect device, the dentist will be able to give you a painless injection. This may sound like magic, and in a way, it is. Much like a magician uses distraction to perform a trick; the VibraJect system uses vibration to trick your nerve endings so that they will not process the injection as painful. This means that you can have localized pain relief without feeling pain in the process.

The alternatives

The options most dentists offer as pain relief include local anesthetic injections or general anesthesia. Some sedation dentists offer new options that provide milder sedation such as nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV sedation, but not many dentists in Arlington offer single tooth anesthesia.

While these sedation options work well for many people, not everyone likes the idea of being so relaxed they may not even remember their appointment. When this is the case, and when the thought of an injection upsets you, single tooth anesthesia is one of the best options available. If you are ready to experience a pain free dental treatment, visit our Arlington office to find out more about single tooth anesthesia and other pain relief methods our dentists offer.
At Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington, our dental team reviews with patients the many solutions available to them for aesthetic appearance and oral health. We provide a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry service which can be used to address many concerns patients have about their smile. When patients are dealing with weakened or broken teeth, they may be told by their dentist that they may benefit from dental crowns.

Dental crowns are also known as "caps" as they cover all sides of the natural tooth. They are bonded in place over the tooth to provide an extra layer of protection and strength. Dental crowns at Rush Creek Dentistry are fabricated from porcelain, a material known for being strong and beautiful within the smile. They are also matched to the existing natural teeth to integrate into the smile as easily as possible. No patient wants their restorative work to stand out when they smile and talk to others, so matching their restoration to their existing natural teeth is the best way to make cosmetic work look as natural as possible.

Dental crowns are placed over teeth that are weak or broken. They are also used over dental implants to act as a false tooth. Dental implants are titanium posts which dentists surgically place into the jawbone to act as a tooth replacement, while topping with a dental crown as a false tooth. Dental crowns are incredibly versatile and have been used for years in general and cosmetic dentistry.

Many patients who are faced with the idea of placing dental crowns often ask about the expected cost of the procedure. This varies due to a number of factors including the size, position, and material of the crown. In order to discuss the average cost of the procedure, patients are encouraged to contact Rush Creek Dentistry to schedule an examination and receive a more appropriate quote for their dental work. Patients may also benefit from having other procedures done at the same time which can affect overall cost. Rush Creek Dentistry also provides discounts for early payment, financing, and can even work with patients' dental insurance companies to determine if part or all of the procedure may be covered by insurance plans.
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