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Wisdom Teeth FAQ
Arlington, TX

Young woman smiling after having her wisdom teeth removed at Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington, TX

Wisdom Teeth in Arlington TX

It is not uncommon for the last molars to break through the gum line to become problematic. In fact, these third molars, often referred to as the wisdom teeth, are known for becoming impacted or painful. The team of Rush Creek Dentistry in Arlington, TX works with patients to help them better understand the process of wisdom tooth eruption, and in some cases, will educate them on the advantages of having these teeth extracted, sometimes well before they become a problem.

Tooth Extraction Process

The wisdom teeth are teeth that develop in the very far back of the mouth. These third molars are not considered "necessary" and can be removed without further problems. They have an issue with becoming impacted, meaning they never push through the gum line and become a painful problem. When this occurs, our dental team may recommend extraction with our in-house periodontist.
Once the wisdom teeth are extracted, patients no longer have to worry about pain or discomfort they may have experienced before the surgery. Patients who have had their wisdom teeth but found them to be difficult to maintain because they are further back in the mouth are excited to reduce worry of periodontal disease and decay which is a common problem with these molars.

Dentist Arlington TX

If you reside in or around the Arlington, Texas area and want to find out how wisdom tooth extraction can be beneficial for your smile, contact our team today to book an appointment. We recommend visiting with our dental team which includes our in-house periodontist who will be performing the procedure when patients request it.

Have you been told that it’s time to have your wisdom teeth removed? If you feel like putting off a wisdom tooth extraction in Arlington because of the cost or any other reason, you might want to think again. Though no one likes the idea of tooth extraction, you might find that the rest of your smile may be better off without your wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth actually serve little significant function in your smile, and in many ways, your other teeth may function better without them. Though it is possible that your wisdom teeth will never cause any problems and stay healthy in your smile for years, this is often not the case. When you take the risk of leaving your wisdom teeth to grow in, you may end up experiencing more dental problems later on that will be even more difficult and costly to fix.

There are quite a few reasons why someone might need to have their wisdom teeth extracted. Your dentist is well aware of all of these possible problems, and this is why he may recommend that you have your wisdom teeth removed before they can cause any of these issues. Here are some of the problems you may experience if you delay your wisdom tooth extraction:

•  An impacted tooth that can lead to infections and cysts or may damage surrounding teeth and even your jawbone
•  Your gums can become infected if you have a partially exposed tooth where a flap of gum has grown over it
•  You can develop gum disease as a result of being unable to clean the tooth and gums properly if you have a partially erupted tooth
•  An impacted tooth may rot or cause other teeth to rot, leading to toothaches

If your dentist has suggested that you have your wisdom teeth extracted, you should strongly consider listening. The longer you wait the more complicated and expensive the surgery may become, so you will find that the cost may actually be less the sooner you have these teeth removed.
Patients seeking a dentist who provides wisdom teeth extractions near Arlington do not need to look any further than the team of Rush Creek Dentistry. At Rush Creek Dentistry, we offer a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry services, and also provide patients of all ages with extraction of primary and permanent teeth. Wisdom teeth are the third molars which can become problematic for many adults. They may become impacted, difficult to clean, or result in overcrowding when they erupt. Because of these concerns, many patients have their wisdom teeth removed—sometimes well before they become a concern. The third molars are not essential for proper chewing, biting, and speaking, so they can be removed in many cases without a problem.

The team of Rush Creek Dentistry offers not only simple extractions but surgical extractions. Many dentists in the area are unable to provide surgical extractions of wisdom teeth and need to refer patients out to another professional to have this completed. However, the dentist at Rush Creek Dentistry is trained and experienced in providing quality oral extractions with surgery and can offer his patients in-house options for tooth removal.

Simple extractions are done with minimal sedation at Rush Creek Dentistry. They are fast, easy, and extremely affordable. Simple extractions can be performed when patients have wisdom teeth which have already erupted through the surface of the gum line. However, when wisdom teeth are impacted or have not yet erupted through, the dentist may need to perform surgical extraction. This requires him to cut into the gum tissue to access the jaw bone and remove the teeth from their positions in that manner. This procedure takes longer and requires more anesthetics or sedation to ensure patient comfort.

If you are located near the Arlington area and believe wisdom teeth extraction is necessary, it is important to speak with a dentist for a professional examination. During this consultation visit, you are welcome to ask any questions you may have about the upcoming procedure and learn about what can be expected before, during, and after wisdom teeth extraction.
Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, can be troublesome for many adults and young adults. In the late teen years or sometimes in the early 20's, patients may begin to experience pain and discomfort in the back corners of the mouth. This may be a sign that the wisdom teeth are impacted. Impaction of a wisdom tooth means that it is unable to erupt through the gum line because it is misaligned, blocked, or turned the wrong way. Impaction is the primary reason why patients have a wisdom tooth removed. Other reasons include a proactive approach to keep the teeth from erupting through the gum line and affecting alignment achieved with orthodontics, or to remove the teeth that have come through the gum line but put ones oral health at risk. These teeth can be so far back in the mouth that they can be difficult to brush and floss, increasing the chances that an individual may experience periodontal disease or cavities.

Extracting the wisdom teeth can be done with a simple extraction (if erupted through the gum line) or through oral surgery if the tooth is impacted. Patients are made comfortable during their appointment with Rush Creek Dentistry during their procedure and will not experience any pain during the treatment. However, patients do need to take note of the after-care instructions provided by their dentist to facilitate faster healing and know when to contact their dentist for further assistance.

Many patients who are faced with wisdom tooth extraction often ask their dentist about the overall cost. The cost of a wisdom tooth extraction can vary greatly on many factors, including how many of the wisdom teeth are being removed, whether the teeth are impacted or have broken through the gum line, and the final out-of-pocket cost will vary depending on dental insurance coverage, if any. Sedative methods may also cost more, as well as any care or attention that must be attended to after the procedure. In most cases, patients can get a general idea of the cost of treatment after they have had their initial consultation appointment and examination with the team of Rush Creek Dentistry. So what're you waiting for? Contact your dentist in Arlington TX today at Rush Creek Dentistry!
It is very likely that at some point in your life, a dentist will suggest that you have your wisdom teeth removed. This may not happen until they begin to cause problems, but often, your dentist will advise that you have them removed even before they have come in. At Rush Creek Dentistry, we offer patients near Mansfield in-house extractions most of the time, so you can have your extraction done by a dentist you know and trust.


When you decide to have your wisdom teeth removed, the dentist will make appropriate preparations to make sure your extraction is as painless and simple as possible. If you have or have recently had an infection, your dentist may postpone the extraction, and if you are especially prone to infections, you may be put on antibiotics. Women who are on birth control are advised to wait until the end of their cycle to have their wisdom teeth removed. Once you are ready for the extraction, you will be placed under either local or general anesthetic, depending on how complex the extraction and how long it will take.


The dentist will then remove the tooth by exposing it if it is not already fully exposed. If any bone has grown over the tooth, it will need to be removed before the tooth can be taken out. The tooth will then be disconnected from the jaw, and if needed cut into pieces, and then removed.


Ideally, your recovery from a wisdom tooth extraction should only be a few days. Your dentist may need to place stitches, and you will most likely experience bleeding for the first 24 hours and will need to keep changing your gauze. For the fastest and most comfortable recovery, don’t use a straw or smoke or eat any food that requires chewing for at least the first 24 hours. You should also keep your head propped up and avoid most activity during this time. You may continue to brush your teeth if you are very careful. Before too long, you should be back to your normal dental habits again.
Wisdom teeth, also referred to by 76001 area dentists as the third molars, are the teeth within the smile that are the last to erupt through the gum line. This typically occurs later on during the young adult years. While other teeth often erupt without a hitch, wisdom teeth have a tendency to become problematic for a variety of reasons. Some become impacted, causing them to push into other teeth in the dental arch and become extremely painful. Others can result in overcrowding, or may be too far back in the mouth to properly clean by brushing and flossing—leaving patients at risk for developing cavities and gum disease. Because wisdom teeth are often troublesome, dentists will suggest to patients who have any concerns to consider extraction.

Extraction of wisdom teeth is a relatively common procedure. There are two types of extractions that are done by the team of Rush Creek Dentistry which include simple extraction and surgical extraction.

Simple Extraction

A simple extraction is done after the wisdom teeth have already erupted through the gum line and are easily accessible. These teeth are much easier to remove from the jawbone and have shorter healing times. They are often less expensive to remove than those which require oral surgery.

Surgical Extraction

When the wisdom teeth are below the gum line and still in formation in the jawbone, they will require an oral surgical extraction. This is a procedure that requires the dentist to cut into the gum tissue to access the inner area of bone to remove the teeth in that respect. Surgical extraction requires more precise care and attention and is therefore often more expensive than simple extractions. Many dentists will recommend these patients be put under with general anesthesia or specific sedatives to ensure comfort. Patients who have surgical extractions should also expect longer healing time.

At Rush Creek Dentistry, we provide a wide range of dental services and do not have to refer patients out to other professionals for typical procedures such as wisdom teeth extraction. If you live in the 76001 area and have considered a quality dentist who can provide wisdom tooth extraction and other procedures in his practice, contact the dentist of Rush Creek Dentistry today!
At Rush Creek Dentistry in the Arlington area, many patients come to the practice for the removal of their wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth, also referred to as the third molars, are the last teeth to erupt into the dental arch. There are typically four of them, one in each corner of the mouth, and they are known for appearing in adulthood. However, these teeth are also known for becoming problematic. Because they are so far back in the mouth, they tend to get stuck or "impacted" beneath the gum tissue. This can cause pain. If they do come through the gum line, they are often too far back in the mouth for patients to properly care for them, resulting in a higher risk for periodontal disease and decay. In instances such as this, wisdom teeth are removed for oral health purposes.

The team of Rush Creek Dentistry reviews with patients the cost and expectations of wisdom teeth extraction before the procedure is done. Cost will vary depending on how many teeth are being removed, if the tooth has become impacted or not, and whether or not it will require oral surgery. Additionally, cost may vary if patients have dental insurance as many insurance plans provide coverage for necessary dental surgeries such as wisdom tooth extraction. Our front office can work with insurance companies to get patients as much coverage as possible for their treatments and assist in reducing the out-of-pocket expenses of most dental services.

Patients who are having their wisdom teeth removed can expect to take a few days off of work and normal activities for recovery. This also varies depending on whether or not the extraction is considered a simple extraction - meaning the teeth have erupted through the gum line and just need to be pulled. Oral surgery to go into the jaw bone and remove impacted teeth often requires more time for healing. Patients who are undergoing this procedure will be advised as to what they can expect during and after the procedure and will be given after-care instructions. Patients are also welcome to contact Rush Creek Dentistry after their procedures with any questions they may have regarding the recovery process that may not have been answered beforehand.
Over the years, wisdom teeth have become a constant worry for young adults. These teeth, also known as the third molars, are the last teeth to break through and develop in the mouth. Most patients will experience their wisdom teeth breaking the surface between the ages of 17 and 25. However, wisdom teeth often develop a myriad of problems. Because often there is not enough room and they can become impacted or fail to break through the gums. Impaction can be painful, and will require wisdom teeth extraction.

Rush Creek Dentistry of Arlington is proud to offer extraction of wisdom teeth, also called third molars. Instead of referring patients out to an oral surgeon, our team is experienced and qualified in extractions. We can help patients who are in pain and discomfort due to impacted wisdom teeth.

Impaction is the main reason patients have their wisdom teeth extracted. Others may have them removed due to orthodontic work, or for their oral health. When these teeth do erupt through the gums, they can be extremely difficult for patients to clean because they are so far back in the mouth. This can increase one's risk for the development of periodontal disease and tooth decay. Extracting these teeth can improve one's dental health and reduce the risk of problems.

The dentists at Rush Creek Dentistry can help patients in determining when wisdom teeth extraction is necessary. An examination and x-rays may be completed during a consultation appointment to find out if the wisdom teeth are a concern. Patients can speak with their dentist about the problems they have been experiencing, and make an educated decision regarding their third molars.

If you live in the Arlington area and believe you may be a candidate for wisdom teeth extraction, contact Rush Creek Dentistry today to schedule an initial appointment. We welcome and accommodate new patients to our state-of-the-art facility.
When Arlington area patients need wisdom teeth extractions, they may be worried about what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. Wisdom tooth extraction is a very common procedure that is routinely done for teenagers and adults who are experiencing concerns from these third molars. Wisdom teeth are often removed due to periodontal problems, impaction, or pain. Removing them can also improve the overall health of the smile and allow patients to reduce their risk of decay and periodontal disease.

Before the Procedure

It is important that the patient has something to eat before the appointment. It may be uncomfortable to eat after the extractions due to the profound anesthesia. A light meal will also help prevent any episodes of dizziness after the procedure. Although sedation is not required, some patients enjoy traditional sedation with nitrous oxide, while others may want stronger methods such as oral conscious sedation. Well before the appointment is schedule, patients can speak with the team of Rush Creek Dentistry to determine which sedation method is most beneficial to the patient.

During the Procedure

During the wisdom tooth extraction, patients are given their sedative of choice if needed and made comfortable before the dentist begins. The dentist reviews the procedure and informs the patient on what to expect. The tooth is removed, the area is cleaned and disinfected, and sometimes the area is sutured to facilitate healing. Patients whose wisdom teeth have already erupted through the gum line usually require a simpler surgery compared to patients with impacted teeth. Regardless of the case all patients are given adequate anesthesia and the procedure is painless.

After the Procedure

Once the problematic wisdom teeth have been removed, patients will then need to heal. Recovery is necessary immediately after the procedure if patients have received anesthesia. They may rest in the chair until they are able to leave the practice with the help of a friend or family member. Patients are advised on the healing process and what to expect—as well as when to call the doctor for any serious concerns. Patients may be given pain medication and/or antibiotics to help manage the healing process. Patients should expect some minor bleeding and sometimes swelling, but this should subside within a couple of days. Soft foods and beverages (not through a straw) are recommended, and normal activities should be avoided for several days to facilitate healing
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If you reside in Arlington, Texas and want to find about wisdom tooth extraction, contact our team at Rush Creek Dentistry today to book an appointment.
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