General Dentistry Services

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Why Choose Rush Creek Dentistry for General Dentistry?

At Rush Creek Dentistry, we blend expert care with a patient-centered approach to deliver exceptional general dentistry services. Our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology ensure that you receive top-tier care that exceeds expectations.

Our Comprehensive General Dentistry Services

Girl with braces during a routine, dental examination

Dental Examinations

Regular dental checkups are the foundation of a healthy smile. Our skilled dentists perform thorough examinations to assess your oral health, including:

  • Comprehensive dental assessments encompassing teeth, gums, bite, and oral tissues.
  • Utilization of digital X-rays for accurate diagnostics with minimal radiation exposure.
  • Early identification of potential issues like cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer.
  • Personalized treatment plans tailored to address your specific dental needs and concerns.
portrait of beautiful woman cleaning teeth with dental floss

Teeth Cleaning and Dental Hygiene

Our dedicated dental hygienists specialize in professional teeth cleaning and hygiene education to prevent oral health problems:

  • Precise removal of plaque and tartar buildup through professional scaling and polishing.
  • Customized oral hygiene instructions to empower you with effective home care strategies.
  • Expert guidance on flossing, brushing, and using mouthwash for optimal oral health.
  • Advice on dietary habits that can impact your oral health, helping you make informed choices.
Fillings & Restorations
Rush Creek Dentistry offers a range of restorative solutions to treat dental decay and damage:
  • Composite fillings that match your tooth’s natural color, combining aesthetics and function.
  • Dental crowns to restore severely damaged teeth, enhancing both strength and appearance.
  • Expert replacement of old or damaged fillings to maintain dental health and a seamless smile.
  • In-depth discussions about your restoration options, allowing you to make informed decisions.
Dental restoration and material polymerization with UV light
Healthy gums mean a healthy mouth
Gum Disease Treatment
Our skilled periodontal team specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating gum diseases:
  • Comprehensive evaluation to identify signs of gingivitis or periodontitis, such as bleeding and swelling.
  • Non-surgical and surgical gum disease treatments to eliminate infection and restore gum health.
  • Patient education on proper oral hygiene techniques and ongoing maintenance to prevent recurrence.
  • Regular follow-up appointments to monitor your gum health and address any concerns.
Oral Cancer Screening
Early detection is pivotal for effective oral cancer treatment. Our comprehensive screenings include:
  • Visual and tactile examination of oral tissues, including the lips, tongue, cheeks, and throat.
  • Integration of advanced diagnostic tools to identify suspicious lesions or abnormalities.
  • Prompt referral to specialists for further evaluation if concerning signs are detected.
  • Supportive guidance throughout the screening process, ensuring your comfort and well-being.
Modern high precision technologies in dentistry
Dental care, treatment oral cavity and filling
Dental Sealants
Shield your teeth from cavities with our dental sealant treatments:
  • Application of a thin, protective coating on molars and premolars’ chewing surfaces.
  • Sealing deep grooves and fissures to prevent bacterial buildup and potential decay.
  • Long-lasting protection against cavities, especially beneficial for children prone to tooth decay.
  • Detailed instructions on maintaining the integrity of the sealants and preserving their effectiveness.
Experience Exceptional General Dentistry at Rush Creek Dentistry

Dedicated to your well-being and confident smiles, Rush Creek Dentistry offers a comprehensive range of general dentistry services. Our commitment to excellence, compassionate care, and advanced technology ensures that you receive the highest quality dental care. Schedule your appointment today and experience the Rush Creek difference.


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General Dentistry FAQ's

  • Regular checkups every six months are recommended to catch issues early and provide preventive care.
  • Our team will work with you to establish a personalized schedule based on your oral health needs.
  • Yes, our digital X-rays emit minimal radiation, ensuring safety while aiding accurate diagnostics.
  • We follow strict guidelines to minimize radiation exposure and prioritize your well-being.
  • Look out for symptoms like bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, gum recession, and tooth sensitivity.
  • Early intervention is crucial to prevent gum disease from progressing and causing further complications.
  • No, we use local anesthesia to ensure a painless and comfortable filling procedure.
  • Our caring team prioritizes your comfort and provides a gentle and anxiety-free experience.
  • While not as common as some cancers, regular screenings are crucial for early detection and effective treatment.
  • Our dental professionals are trained to identify potential signs, enhancing your overall health.